Monday, November 26, 2018

This site will guide you through the process of writing a cover letter to apply for a job using a template and giving advice along the way.

Getting a job - Writing a great cover letter

Getting a job - How to write a cover letter

Success - worksheet

What is success
What will success look like for you in the future?
Make a plan that describes your successful life in detail. (Your dream)
1.    How old will you be?
2.    Where will you live?
3.    Who will you be living with? (partner/wife / husband/ children/friends)
4.    What job will you be doing?
5.    What will your house look like?  Will you be renting an apartment or own your own house?
6.    Will possessions be important for you?  Will you have the latest of everything?   Or…….
7.    Will you choose a simple life and have only what you need.
8.    What will you be like personally (strong, healthy, have lots of friends)
9.    How much money will you have?
10.  What values will you see as important?
Write your plan as though it has already happened.
E.g., I am 35 years old and live in Hawaii with my husband and four children.  I live on the waterfront and earn money by writing very successful novels. In my spare time, I paint and surround my home with art works that I have made (and sell).  My husband has his own successful business as an engineer. We have both had a good education and will make sure that our children get a good education also.  I am a keen gardener and everything I plant grows to perfection.  As a family, we enjoy working in the garden together. We give surplus produce to neighbours family and friends.  We live on a small lifestyle block and live largely off the land by fishing keeping hens and some farm animals and growing our own vegetables.  There are no weeds in my garden and there is always something flowering. I make a point of meeting up with friends once a week to relax and have fun.  My family is very important to me.  We are strong and healthy and share a rich happy and comfortable life.

Success - Motivating video for success - Steve Jobs