Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hello everyone,
This Dictation site is one I introduced to the class last week for independent study to improve your listening skills. Please click on the link here to explore the site. You will see that there are 5 different levels. You should be working at Intermediate level. If you find this difficult try some of the easier levels until you skills improve. If you find Intermediate level easy try the harder levels.
Once you have tried out the site post a comment to this blog (around 100 words) to tell me what you think of the site and how useful you think it might be for improving your listening skills. I plan to introduce a new site for you to use in your independent study time each week. Remember you should be studying around two hours each night to get the best results from your course. Lets enjoy learning together.


  1. This website good for me because help me about listening and reading . This website useful give everyone better everything . I think this website easy for me

  2. This site is very use full for me, to improve my spelling. Also I can ameliorate my listening too.
    It has different levels. I started from elementary level. Now I am nearly intermediate level. I think when I finish intermediate level,I could improve my spelling and listening.
    thank you

  3. This site is very helpful. It will help me improve my listening and writing at the same time. I like the different levels and subjects and how they are organized. The site is very useful and certainly I am going to use it again and tell my friends about it. I started from Intermediate which is the right level for me and I need just to write faster to go to the next level.