Monday, August 27, 2012

Try "Listen a minute .com" for Easy listening texts

This site Listen a minute .com" has  Easy listening texts for independent study.  Why don't you give them a try. 

One minute a day is all you need to improve your listening skills. Focus on new words, grammar and pronunciation in these short texts. Doing the online activities, discussion, survey and writing will help. Listen many times - enough for you to you understand everything. Listen A Minute.

See "News English" for Easier news stories

This site  News English Lessons .com has easier news stories that will be a valuable study aid for listening.  Please try our some of these stories in your independent study time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Howjsay." How to pronounce any word

A free online talking dictionary of English pronunciation.  This site "Howjsay" allows you to type in a word and hear how it sounds.  You can also browse through an index of words click on  a word and it will give that word and some similar words that you can click on to hear them pronounced.

My English lessons-combination skills

This site "My English lessons" is good for getting a grounding of the basics of English and covers sentence work, grammar, parts of speech, spelling, writing and vocabulary. It gives rules for language use, lessons and quizzes to check what you have learned.  Note that some of the links do not open and I have not, as yet, found out why; but there is plenty of other useful material here to explore. Why not check it out.  :-).

Sunday, August 19, 2012

English club .com

This free site English club .com looks to be most promising with lots of practice materials for:- listening (with news), idiomatic language, this week in history, language tools and much more. Why don't you check it out for your independent study time.  Have fun. :-)